Welcome to the Darkside...

...join me, Akasha Savage, as I brave the deepest dungeons and scale the misty mountains to achieve my dream: to see my novel Bathory in print. I will take you by the hand and keep you beside me as I cross this uncharted territory...

...let us step into the moonlit darkness together...

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Today's word count~634


  1. Like the new digs. :-) I'll have to remember to update your link on my site.

  2. Hi Akasha, Love the Trailer. When you have time, please pick up an award for your wonderful blog my dear friend.

  3. onipar ~ welcome. Long time, no see!

    Jarmara ~ ahh thanks, that's so kind. I'll try my hardest to get the award here...but I'm never too sure of how to do that!