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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sexy Wolf Guy.

Last Wednesday evening me and my daughter went to see Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. I had read a few reviews about the film - none of them very favorable - but I wanted to see it for myself.

It tells the story (don't worry I won't give away the ending!) of Lawrence Talbot, who returns to the family home after his brother is found in a ditch mauled to death by, what can only be, some sort of awful monster.

Lawrance (Del Toro) sets out to track down the beast and very soon finds himself attacked and 'infected'. Then the true horror really begins as Lawrance relises he now is a werewolf.

Beware the full moon and the silver bullet!

The rest of the film is Del Toro trying to find a way to break the curse, in between running through the night, howling, snarling and ripping people, quite literally, to pieces, and getting chased by the local villagers and Detective Aberline from London (Hugo Weaving).

Anthony Hopkins plays the widowed father of the two brothers, and himself hides a dark and ancient secret.

I will admit the film holds no surprises. There is no long complicated storyline running through the plot. But if you are a fan of a good ole traditional werewolf movie - as I am - you will love it.

There is plenty of gothic moonlight action, old creepy buildings, blood and gore splattering all over the place...so be warned...and lots of squirming in your seat moments: especially during the transformation scenes where Lawrence mutates into the beast.

The ending holds no really surprises either, and I did find it a little bit of an anti-climax.

The down sides. Well, there seemed to be a full moon every night - and I mean every night. No waxing and waning in sight! And a couple of times, in true horror movie tradition, Lawrence's clothes came through the change unscathed.

But I still loved it. So much so that I going with my son this coming Wednesday!

Plus me and my daughter both agree that Benicio Del Toro made for one hell of a sexy Wolfman. Claws, fangs, hair and all!!



  1. My much beloved wants to go and see that film too. You just can't beat a sexy wolfman :-)

    Maybe its a good enough reason for me to go too.

    Don't howl too much in the Cinema, Akasha when you see Benicio again you might just put the other filmgoers off lol

  2. Jarmara ~ if you're okay with blood and gore you should go too. What beats a night at the flicks? :)

  3. While I'm not likely to share in the ogling of Del Toro, I must say that the movie looks like it could be a good one.

  4. Since I'm half-way through writing a werewolf novel, I'm hoping the film does well!

  5. Hi Akasha, I hope you there, because over here I have an award for you and your dark blog.

  6. Where's this week's post??

  7. Rabid Fox ~ it's well worth going to.

    Rick ~ I love werewolf novels...there's not enough around, so make yours a good one! ;)

    Jarmara ~ Ahh, thanks my friend. I just never know how to get the awards from one blog to another!! :(

    Sue ~ Hiya...I've been busy: watching the Winter Olympics!!!