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Monday, 9 May 2011

War of The Word!

The world of books is gathering together its forces to declare war on ebooks, and their chosen weapon of mass destruction is the 'flipback book'.

The 'flipback book' was introduced in Holland in 2009, and is due to be released in the UK this summer. These books are pocket-sized, printed on wafer-thin paper and designed with a distinctive spine which enables the books to lie open on a table without support (sheer genius for those of us who like to read at the meal table!). Sales in Holland have already hit 1 million.

To quote: It would prove one of the most compelling ironies of the digital age if the winner of the Kindle-killer crown was an actual book.


  1. Wow I'm looking forward to the battle... 8tracks eat your heart LOL

  2. Pocket-sized and wafer thin sounds a bit flimsy! But a book that stays open on its own - now you're talking. It sounds really interestign.

    As to the war, I really think it needn't be a war at all. I believe there's room for e-books and traditional books. I don't have a Kindle (or similar), but can see there's a place for them :o)

  3. Oh man, that sounds cool. Although anything about books is cool to me, I'm an uber-geek. I've heard about those back-to-back books too. The ones where there are two books in one and the front and back covers are different novels. Strange but true.


  4. Jarmara ~ I'd much rather read a traditional book than an electronic one any day!

    Frances ~ I googled them and they don't actually look that flimsy, and although the paper is wafer thin it's suppose to be strong. They don't open up how traditional books open up. They open downwards and once opened are the size of a single page. They actually look pretty cool.

    Craig ~ I too am a bit of a geek where books are concerned. I think those 'double' books a novel idea (no pun intended!).