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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

How to make a writer's blood boil.....

I know. I know.
I said I wouldn't be posting much at the mo, but I had to share this one with you all because it made me see red....
A 'colleague' at work found out I was in the throes of writing a novel, and then came out with that old familiar chestnut:

He's always thought he would write a book one day. When he has time he's going to 'give it a go'.

When does ANYONE EVER have time to write a book? I know I don't. I have to make time.
Squishing my writing in between all the hundred and one other things I have to do in my life.

Then he said:
I have a title. Cos that's the important part isn't it?

Oh, that'll be where I'm getting it wrong then! Sod the research, the characters, the dialogue, the plot...it's the title you have to sort out first!
For months my work-in-progress was simply called Untitled, since then it's had about four titles before I settled on 'Bathory', and who knows if that will be the final choice.
When I said this to him, the person in question looked at me like I was a bug on his shoe, and that look said:
You might be writing a book, but at least I've got a title!

I told him to come and see me when he's written the first 50,000 words!


Rant over...pass me a bottle of wine!



  1. I always plan to say this to surgeons and physicists. Oh, I've thought of doing a brain surgery one of these days, when I have time. Or, yes, I've always thought I'd solve the mystery of the universe, when I have time. I even have the title for my unified theory.

  2. Ha, awesome! I can barely mention I write without someone telling me they always wanted to write a novel. The first few times I heard it, I tried to be supportive and tell them to go for it.

    Of course, they never had any real intention of doing it, or they would have.

    Now it just bothers me when people say it.

    The title is the most important part? Arrrrg.

  3. Oh my, I feel your aggravation on that. The time to write, indeed.

  4. This is why none of my co-workers have an inkling I write. Perhaps he will understand at the 12,000 word mark...I feel your pain.

  5. Was the bottle of wine to hit him over the head by any chance, because I have three to hand if you need more....lol