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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Getting the facts right.

So. I have hit a bit of a brick wall in my writing; it's not that I have writers block or have run out of ideas for what happens next. It's simply that I now have to check out some facts to make it appear that I actually know what I am writing about. Because I didn't want to stop the flow of my story once it had actually started to flow, I glossed over the bits I wasn't quite sure of - mainly police and forensic detail - so I could complete the story as a whole. Now I need to get those bits right. The only way to do this, is, I think, to pay a visit to my local police station. There is some pretty gory, and it has to be said, sick stuff I need to find out, all to do with abused and mutilated teenage girls.

Let's hope they don't lock me up as the local fruit and nut case!

I'll keep you posted....


  1. I often gloss over such things in the first draft myself but eventually it does catch up with you. It can be fun in itself though.

  2. Charles ~ I am sort of looking forward to it. A while back I needed details about a certain type of gun, and a friend of a friend let me try his out - this kind of research I love :D

  3. Research research! It's a necessary part of writing... oh, yes! I'm sure you'll learn some fascinating things, Akasha. And I'm sure they won't think you odd in the least. Best of luck!


  4. Well all I can say is, I hope to hear from you soon, Akasha and if not I shall get the bail money together as quick as I can so you don't lose the flow.

    Though, a few days in jail may just help your writing take on an authentic feel. Well, they do say it best to write about what you know:-)

    Good luck

  5. In my (very brief and unsuccessful) life as a crime writer, I found a lovely man at the local police station, who was delighted to help, and answered all my questions, adding a few gory details of his own. I find people really do like to help. Go for it, and good luck!

    PS Promises of a dedication and a signed copy also help!

  6. Nevine ~ I'm actually quite looking forward to it, I usually find people really helpful :D

    Jarmara ~ Jail would probably be a good place to get some decent writing time! ;)

    Frances ~ I rather hope I will find a 'tame' police man or two...and I agree about the dedication and signed book thing. Thanks for your comment. :)

  7. You seem to've got it all right...Facts i mean:)
    Glad you could..