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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What's going on 'ere then?

Sometimes I really love being a writer and doing the research thing. Today I've spoken to a really helpful Police Sergeant and a just as helpful Head of Police Media Services.

A big THANK YOU to both these guys for helping me get my policey facts right!


  1. Well, that's nice...A writer needs to be inquisitive,just as rare are helpful people around :)

    I just had a look at the sidebar of your blog..."Winner of the Jean Clarke Award 2010"
    Yeehaw!Congratulations!This is great :)
    I am so glad I know a writer of your stature:)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog re: Woodbines and I'm so pleased that my post has been of use to you. That's what makes blogging so cool!


  3. Folks are often quite eager to help writers. I think people really love to talk about what they do.

  4. Very cool. I always tell writers (when they ask) that one of the best ways to research is to conduct interviews with people who know first hand about said topic.

  5. Erratic Thoughts ~ thanks for your great comment, always nice to get an ego boost! :D

    Vintage Knitter ~ Welcome to The Darkside!

    Charles ~ I'm sure you're right, I've always found people most helpful whenever I've wanted information and I find the facts they are willing to tell to impart so interesting.

    onipar ~ I always get nervous when I have to interview folk, but the benefits are so worth the nerves!