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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Full Dark, No Stars

Every now and again I read back something I've written, be it a short story or a chapter from my novel-in-progress, and I actually think: Yay! That's good stuff, perhaps one day I will be a published author.

...and then I read the latest offer from the King of Horror himself...

I have just finished Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. It was excellent. If I can ever produce anything that is a fraction as good, as entertaining, as thought-provoking, as damn right scary, as unput-a-downable, I will be one happy chappy.

If you like King you will love this latest collection of four short stories - although three of them are not so very short. I will admit to being a bit disappointed by his recent novel Under The Dome, had doubts that ole Stevie himself had actually penned the book, but there are no doubts in my mind what so ever about Full Dark, No Stars. The man is back with a tremendous bang.

Be warned: these stories are not for the faint-heated!


  1. I saw this the other day at the bookstore but didn't get it. I was kind of disappointed with his last collection of short stories, although I've liked a lot of his stories before.

  2. After being disappointed by Under the Dome, I have my fingers crossed on this book. And judging from your comments, and other reviews I've read, I think I should be in for a treat.

  3. Charles ~ you must get it. Full Dark, No Stars is King at his no holds barred, gritty best.

    Rabid Fox ~ It is a treat indeed. I actually felt bereft when I'd finished reading. It is one of those books I could read again immediately. Enjoy.

  4. I'm in the middle of a Helen Dunmore novel, and feel the same. If only I could write like that....