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Friday, 3 December 2010

I think I may have done something really silly....

Today my new laptop arrived - how excited was I! - it is a Dell in a beautiful peacock blue colour (I'm a woman...colour is important), it also has a built in web cam, can play blu-ray discs & has a slot for my camera's memory card: none of which my old dinosaur had. I was well impressed.

So this afternoon I spent a lovely time personalising my desktop, choosing my computer theme and registering to Skype (although my only contact at the moment is my daughter who lives in the same house as me!). Once I had my laptop set up just how I wanted it I decided to transfer all my documents over from the dinosaur to my new Peacock Blue. I sent them all to my memory stick then (and here's the silly - very silly - thing I did) I deleted all my documents from my old laptop and emptied the trash can (Why...oh why?). When I opened my memory stick up in Peacock Blue, for some unknown reason, none of my documents were on it!!!


Can I retrieve stuff after I've emptied the trash can?


  1. Oh Geeze, I'm sorry to hear that. As far as I know, the files are actually all still there on your old computer until you write over them with new files. However, I don't know how you go about retrieving the files once their addresses have been deleted, which is what you essentially do when you emptied your trash. You need to contact a professional file retrieval person before you write "anything" onto your old computer. Do NOT write anything on the old computer or it will write over the stuff that is "deleted". Call a professional file retriever first. Luck.

  2. Charles is right! There are file recovery programs, though. I'll ask my son or the ten year old next door. Seriously. Wait, have you ever sent work to Daverana publishers?

  3. Thanks for the advice Charles. I think I will have a word with our IT man at work on Monday...see if he can help! :D

  4. Hi Rick. Are the file recovery programs on my computer? ...and I've not heard of Daverana publishers. :)

  5. Akasha, I was here yesterday and there was no comment yet and I felt so ill when I read what happened to you that I just couldn't say anything and ran away...
    I'm so glad Charles and Rick are saying the files can be recovered. I hope it with all my heart.
    Good luck!

  6. Vesper ~ not as ill as I felt! However, there was one file that I hadn't deleted and it contained some of the stuff - not all, but some! - that I thought I had lost forever...phew. The other stuff I'm hoping our IT man at work can recover for me. Fingers crossed! :)

  7. I can't offer any helpful hints, although it appears from other comments that there is hope. But you have ALL my sympathy. It's exactly the kind of thing which can - and sometimes does - happen to me. (Actually isnt'it supposed to be almost impossible to wipe a computer completely which is why some criminals get caught so easily?) Good luck!