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...join me, Akasha Savage, as I brave the deepest dungeons and scale the misty mountains to achieve my dream: to see my novel Bathory in print. I will take you by the hand and keep you beside me as I cross this uncharted territory...

...let us step into the moonlit darkness together...

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Those of you that visit my blog on a regular basis will know just how illiterate I am when it comes to modern technology ~ so I've surprised even myself by making my blog available to be viewed on a Kindle. I read an article in the Writers Forum magazine on just how to set it all up and I followed this guideline to the letter; I couldn't believe just how easy it was.

So if you own a Kindle (I don't), take a look and tell me what it's like.


  1. That's a neat idea. Unfortunately, as a Canuck I'm not able to download it to my Kindle for PC. Lousy borders.

  2. That's cool! I never would've thought of that. :)

  3. Cool. will have to have a look for it.

  4. Wow, very interesting. I do have a kindle, though I'm not entirely sure how to go about downloading the site. Do I search for it on Amazon?

    I'll go take a look and see if I can spot it. I might have to try this too! :-)

  5. Dear All ~ Not sure how you actually find me! :D